The ForceLok Mechanical Pipe Joining System is a non-welded application for mechanically joining pipeline connections and is compatible with internally plastic coated pipe. The ForceLok System utilizes an engineered, flexible epoxy to lock and seal the bell and taper connection. Combined with the ForceLok Computer Monitoring System, the ForceLok Mecahnical Pipe Joining System is the first of its kind application that provides a complete end-to-end system of monitoring and documentation to ensure the highest manufacturing and construction quality control standards from the steel mill or coating plant to the field.


The ForceLok Mechanical Pipe Joining System consists of the following components:

ForceLok End Preparation Equipment

ForceLok Tooling for Bell and Pin

ForceLok Field Assembly Unit

ForceLok Engineered Flexible Epoxy

ForceLok Computer Monitoring System

ForceLok End Preparation Equipment

The ForceLok End Preparation Equipment can be located, in the pipe mill, pipe coating plant, pipe yard or at the pipe construction staging area. There are two pieces of End Prep equipment, each with an electric hydraulic power unit. Each End Prep unit has interchangeable tooling for up to three OD sizes of Line Pipe. Tooling packages are available in sizes ranging from 4” to 18”. (Example: 4”, 6” and 8” nominal line pipe sizes) One End Prep unit processes the Pin End with ForceLok Tooling that Swages the end down. The second End Prep unit processes the Bell End. Two ForceLok End Preparation units (one to make the Pin End and one to make the Bell End) are recommended to maximize production.

ForceLok Field Assembly Equipment

The ForceLok Mechanical Pipe Joining System replaces the welding process in pipeline construction projects, significantly reducing constructions costs delivery timelines. The ForceLok Field Assembly Unit consists of a diesel, hydraulic powered unit that creates a mechanical connection by applying a measured rate of force between the pin and bell ends of the connection. In conjunction with the ForceLok Computer Monitoring Technology, field engineers can measure, graph and document the amount of travel in the connection makeup and force applied to each connection, ensuring the highest compliance and quality control standards available.

ForceLok Field Repair Tooling Equipment

The ForceLok Field Repair Tooling Kit is provided for field repairs of damaged line pipe and allows for the conversion of a ForceLok Field Assembly Unit to an End Prep Unit. The versatility provided by this dual purpose capability allows construction crews to quickly address damaged connections in the field, thereby reducing downtime and lost productivity.

ForceLok Engineered Flexible Epoxy

The final component of the ForceLok Mechanical Pipe Joining System is the ForceLok Engineered Flexible Epoxy. The Epoxy is a medium viscosity epoxy for applying to line pipe as a barrier to corrosion in joints and to aid in sealing. It is a 1:1 meter-mix formulation for use with all durable materials where water, moisture, commercial chemicals such as acids or harsh cleaning materials are present and need to be protected against. The product exhibits minimal shrinkage and forms a tough, flexible bond, which distributes stress over the entire bonding line to prevent cracking or separation. The ForceLok Engineered Flexible Epoxy is made to provide a slower cure to allow flexibility to develop, and has a low odor when mixed out of the special dispensing nozzles. This product has a work life of 50-60 minutes in the mixer tube, is tack free to the touch in 180 minutes at 72F, is fully cured in 24 hours and heat resistant to 250 degrees F during the welding process and has a cured operating performance rating of 200 degrees F. It has special adhesion agents for metal bonding especially damp or moist surfaces and will cure in temperatures down to 40F.