ForceLok Designs and Engineers Mechanical
and Welded Connection Systems for Pipeline Applications

The ForceLok Mechanical Pipe Joining System is used in numerous applications and suitable for all internally coated line pipe. The ForceLok Welded Sleeve Connection System is a welded connection utilizing an internally coated sleeve. Both ForceLok Pipe Connection systems are suitable for internally coated line pipe applications ranging from high pressure flow and gathering lines, water lines, CO2 transportation lines, steam lines, transportation pipelines and corrosive transmission and disposal lines.

ForceLok Mechanical Pipe Joining System

The ForceLok Mechanical Pipe Joining System is a mechanical connection incorporating a advanced engineered flexible epoxy. The Mechanical Pipe Joining System is compatible with all internally coated pipe systems and reduces construction costs by as much 900% and eliminating the high cost of welding applications and x-ray inspection. Construction crews can rapidly assemble line pipe, bringing projects online sooner with significant cost savings and lower risk. The result is a holiday-free, mechanical connection with a high degree of resistance to corrosion.

ForceLok Welded Sleeve Pipe Joining System

The ForceLok Welded Sleeve Pipe Joining System consists of an internal sleeve, advanced, engineered epoxy and a welded joint connection. The sleeve is sealed internally with an advanced, flexible engineered epoxy, designed to resist the high temperatures generated during the welding process. The internal sleeve incorporates an external, heat resistant shield designed to protect the sleeve and internal coating compounds during the welding process. The combination of the internal, epoxy bonded sleeve and externally welded connection, provides the highest level of strength and integrity available in a welded connection.

ForceLok Engineered Flexible Epoxy

Another unique component of the ForceLok Mechanical Pipe Joining System is the ForceLok Engineered Flexible Epoxy. The Epoxy is a medium viscosity epoxy for applying to line pipe as a barrier to corrosion in joints and to aid in sealing. It is a 1:1 meter-mix formulation for use with all durable materials where water, moisture, commercial chemicals such as acids or harsh cleaning materials are present and need to be protected against. The product exhibits minimal shrinkage and forms a tough, flexible bond, which distributes stress over the entire bonding line to prevent cracking or separation. The ForceLok Engineered Flexible Epoxy is made to provide a slower cure to allow flexibility to develop, and has a low odor when mixed out of the special dispensing nozzles. This product has a work life of 50-60 minutes in the mixer tube, is tack free to the touch in 180 minutes at 72F, is fully cured in 24 hours and heat resistant to 250 degrees F during the welding process and has a cured operating performance rating of 200 degrees F. It has special adhesion agents for metal bonding especially damp or moist surfaces and will cure in temperatures down to 40F.

ForceLok Computerized Monitoring System

The ForceLok Computerized Monitoring System was designed to ensure quality control in the manufacturing of the end preparations in the Mechanical and welded sleeve systems and also provides monitoring and documentation in the field during the joint assembly process of the ForceLok Mechanical Pipe Connection System. Utilizing the ForceLok Computerized Monitoring System, pipeline contractors can now demonstrate the integrity of each assembled mechanical connection by graphing and documenting the measured PSI, penetration and force of each assembled press fit connection.